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Monthly based on 3,6 or 12 months
This page specs the PC you need and what to expect from our service
Technology Information and Customer Service Levels
Watch TV Online
Watch TV Windows XP Watch TV Win Vista Watch TV MAC OS

To watch TV on your PC or Laptop you'll need the following : -
  • Windows 10,8 or 7 or XP or Vista
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or higher
  • Windows Media Player 11
  • Minimum 2 GB Ram
  • 2 GB of free disk space
  • Broadband Internet Connection ( ADSL, Cable or Wireless Internet)
  • Constant internet speed of 2 Meg or more - depending on where in the world you are
  • Ideally with ethernet cabled connection to your PC
  • Mac running on OSX 9 or Higher
  • Firefox 4 or Higher Internet Browser
  • Linux running on various OS
  • Media TV technology, hosted by us in our monitored premises,
  • Enabling media shifting of Euro or US TV on the internet to your PC
This is Real LIVE TV via a TV Browser online
When you have paid your subscription we will setup your service and email you a download with instructions, normally the same day.
You connect to your broadband locally in the normal way, the speed of your local internet will be the speed you connect to the Technology.
As soon as you connect to your downloaded TV browser your internet connection will connect to your media shifting technology, this will enable you to access/control Live TV stations.
Your subscription pays for :-
(1)Hosting your individual media technology in secure manned premises.
(2)Professional monitored network in UK,USA,Germany,France & Italy to enable individual TV connection.
(3)Tech Support- 1st instance your email and follow up with our telephone support
(4)There is a 3 month minimum service towards the rental cost of your media box
The television is free of charge, using free to air Satellite,IPTV or DTV channels available in the EU and USA.
Unlike our competition we do not provide IP access to web TV via Proxy Server or dummy IPs.
We are not directly or indirectly hosting or streaming TV content - We are offering a service to allow your computer to access a (hosted by us) media box connection - this technology enables media/place shifting of Satellite, IPTV or DTV digital TV to your PC using broadband and the world wide web.
We operate a "fair use policy" of you watching a maximum average of 16 hours of Live TV per day
(The service will be set at a maximum speed of 800kbps to 1500kbps).
The picture compares to watching an analogue television picture.
This fair distribution of the bandwidth enables us to provide this professional service at a reasonable cost.
When you effect payment then you are agreeing to this and all other conditions on this page.
When you consider that for a similar Slingbox solution companies are charging $80 to $95 a month .
Then you will appreciate that this media/place shifting service is excellent value for money.
Should you be watching UK TV whilst in the UK you will need a current TV Licence.
___________________________________________________________________________________________ The Technology allows one to one connection via an individual media-shifting box,therefore this service is not in contradiction of any existing TV viewing laws.
In order to comply with the end users licence agreement,cable and satellite company rules and local and national laws - We require all hosting clients to agree that only one person from a single domestic household will access the media-shifting connection via our service at any given time.This service is for personal use only and any commercial use is prohibited.
  • A legal solution for TV at home or abroad on your PC or large LCD Screen via the internet. For more information on this click here.

  • ___________________________________________________________________________________________
    When you are comparing our service with others - other companies offer one of the following
    1/ A more expensive Slingbox connection - costing $80 to $95 a month with a $200 setup fee.
    2/ A shared proxy server with 100's of others, either their own or piggy backing on an "open" server.
    3/ A program to hide your real ip address.
    4/ A download to doctor your Internet Explorer or Firefox browser with an EU IP address.
    Solutions 2, 3 or 4 are short-term as the tv companies websites begin blocking proxy servers or MultiIps
    Once a Proxy IP is discovered then the tv stations block the service.
    The question to ask yourself is why would they do this if their "service" is legal.
    Many of our customers tried these solutions,but gave them up after finding our FULL professional legal service.
    We feature real "LIVE" SATELLITE TV from FREESAT, ASTRA and HOTBIRD SATELLITES within EU. Also Digital DTV within the USA.

    PRIVACY POLICY None of your private financial or other information is stored in any way, except your email address,name,telephone number (for telephone support) and service provided.When your subscription comes to an end the information is deleted from our system.

    REFUND POLICY We operate a 7 day unconditional refund if you are unhappy with our network service.In cases where there are later technical problems with you receiving our service we will consider a pro-rated refund of your prepaid subscription.
    Where any electronic equipment or cables have been ordered from us, in the case of the equipment being unsuitable for any reason, please return within 30 days of receipt for a full refund.

    CONTACT INFORMATION Full contact information is available further down this page.

    ITALIAN TV CHANNELS- Mediaset via TIVUSAT box from free to air Hotbird Satellite.
    The service is provided on your FUBA ODE 710 box with Tivusat card. This box is hosted by us at our European Network centre and the channels connected to you via our Media/Place Shifting technology directly to your PC.
    This technology is similar to Slingbox and you can change channels down the line.
    Several companies provide USA and British TV around the world using this method. RAI channels are IPTV streams via the world wide web
    You will be required to provide a named person in Italy and their Codice Fisccale number to register the TIVU system within 7 days of Purchase.
    We will connect a Fortec star box prior to registration,which may result in some programs being scrambled.
    Once Tivusat box registered/connected then no programs are scrambled.

    American TV
    AMERICAN TV CHANNELS available via a DTX9950 DTV digital box from free to air DTV transmissions.This box is hosted by us at our American Network centre and the channels connected to you via our Media/Place Shifting technology directly to your PC.
    This technology is similar to Slingbox and you can change channels down the line.
    Several companies provide German and British TV around the world using this method.
    Our technological solution is a combination of manned hosted networks in the UK,EU and USA combined with industry standard media shifting/acceleration technology to give a trouble free TV picture.
    We are unique in that we allocate each customer 60,000 MB of bandwidth a month - giving 480 hours of quality TV viewing.
    Unlike the MultiIps/Proxies that keeps selling - overloading their server until the service you receive is unwatchable
    We guarantee 99% uptime or credit given for any downtime.
    Your username and password are for a single user, you can install on more than one computer
    ie in your study and in your living room - Our system only allows one user at a time.

    ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________
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    For any questions please email

    Contact us on our UK Telephone Number
    (44)207 193 2602 or USA number 1-631 328 2740 If engaged or out of office hours - please leave a voice message with your phone number.
    You can also email us scanned documents is a website of international travel technology company
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    Watch TV Free TV Online Support Best Watch TV Online Review TV Abroad Guaranteed Watch TV on PC is a website of international travel technology company Travelnet.People abroad generally British or German or Italian or French or American expats want to watch their home tv. This takes the form of Satellite TV or cable TV and now Satellite TV via the internet.Featuring Free to air channels. Many expats live in Spain,France,USA and throughout the world. Satellite Tv online,offers free satellite channels, in fact UKTV Euro German or French expat TV anywhere. This TV system is cheaper than many Satellite or Slingbox TV solutions
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