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Below features customer comments from our many international clients.

Customer Comments

Jo D in Torrevieja
"We actually found you from one of the Expat Forums here in Spain.The moderator was saying that what you were doing sounded like it was too good to be true. We looked at the website and liked what we saw,when you put us in contact with some local customers here in Torrevieja,then we were sold. It turns out the fella slating you was a Satellite Engineer. As the SAT people here make a small fortune installing the massive dishes needed to get TV , then he must have felt threatened. The price is right,the service is great and I am recommending you to all our fellow Expats here in Spain."

Chris H in Spain
"Anyone living in the Costa Blanca,especially the Alicante area, which is a well known satellite blackspot is probably wondering what the options are to watch live SAT TV.Particularly where a 2.4 metre dish is not practical or planning regs dont allow it. Then for me your TV via the internet was the way to go. The browser installation was straightforward and required no cabling to watch Satellite TV on my PC. Your backup service is helpful and friendly. I did it - and it was a joy to watch all my favourite programs again,combined with the easy catchup programs on demand function. "

Geordie L in Turkey
"Thanks very much for renewal of our service after our first 3 months.We've gone for the year this time as its cheaper and as you said in an email you'd throw in an extra month.Not sure if I mentioned to you that we used to have a slingbox through one of the slingbox companies.It was similar technology to yours but was a lot more expensive - around 65 Euros a month and a 200 Euros setup fee - if I remember.So was glad when we found you on the internet."

David H in Spain
"My techie friend said I could get TV on the internet real cheap,that all I needed was access to a shared Proxy Server. I joined a website that promised access for $10 a month.I found out that I was sharing a server with 100's of others Then I tried a service that setup a fake IP on a toolbar on Internet explorer. All of these to fool the TV company that I was at home. Long story short in the beginning they sort of worked, but kept stopping and starting during 8 to 11pm. So ended up a complete waste of time and money. I had to get my internet provider back to sort out my internet connection . The engineer told me that the ISP "rolled down" my speed as thought the VPN was downloading movies or music - So was about to give up when a friend told me about your service. Its great and it works and her indoors is watching her favourite soap - peace - oh joy. "

Eric L. in Tuscany
"Managed the connection with only a couple of small hitches. We are in Tuscany,Italy. Broadband has only just reached our small village at about 540 kbps so to be able to receive home tv of the quality we did was a pleasant surprise. I'm using XP by the way. It looks very promising - no far. "

Patricia G. in Malta
"That had to be the easiest installation I ever had to do !! Have you any idea how my children are going to react when they waken up this morning to see mummy has TV that doesnt disappear during the evening? Here in Malta we have many expensive options to access Satellite TV. I cant believe I didnt find you before spending out on a satellite dish plus subscription!! Thank you and may I place your link on an Expat forum I'm a member of."

Dave T. in Qatar
"TV Service as it says on the tin,easy set up and works fine. Only comment had to wait 2 days and you say next day so you need to either change your promise or improve."

Andrew C. in Malaysia
"Your support team good. Using TV everyday no major problem. Thanks was missing Brit television. Cant wait for the Premier League and FA cup games to air."

Shiela D. in Hong Kong
Simple setting up just followed your email instructions. The extra international channels were a surprise. We like the music and news channels but you need to tell your customers they need to download "Silverlight" to watch some of them. Needed to join a blog to catch up on Desperate Housewives - LOL - .Dont you just love technology.

Tony B. in USA
I like the quality of TV much better than ours, we have so many commercials. My wife is from Europe and was missing her tele. Had an initial download problem but your guys sorted it out. We are telling all our Expat friends.

Dennis F. in Australia
Thank you - Thank you - Thank you - was really missing our tv. So far so good and easy to set it up. Looking forward to the new series of New Tricks. It will take a long time for ABC to get hold of it.

Micheal C. in Canada
Watching english tv most days just as if in England. We both like the documentaries and soaps. Had some initial blank screen problems. No problem after we talked to you, then we downloaded Adobe Flash Player 10 and microsoft silverlight. You might want to suggest that to your customers.

Sciona W in USA
Works great and very simple to get to work thanks to your good directions. I am successfully up and running.I will hook up my pc to my new tv tomorrow. I don't even need a PC recorder as I can watch what I want using the Catchup TV mode. So that saved me some money. Thanks very much,I would be happy to be a reference for your service if you need it here in the USA.

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